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Where can I buy tickets from?

Tickets can be purchased from the cinema box office, E-kiosk located next to the box office or online from our website

What if I change my mind, can I return my ticket and get my money back?

Tickets are no refundable whether purchased from the box office or online.

Can I make amendments to my ticket or change my booking to watch another movie?

You may amend your booking to change your seat location or seat category by proceeding to the box office no later than 20 minutes before show time. Standard fees apply in case of upgrading from standard class seat to VIP class seat. If you wish to watch another movie, you may proceed to the box office at least 20 minutes before the movie time. No changes will be entertained if you show up at the box office till later than 20 minutes till show time. No refunds under any circumstances.

When are movies show times released?

We update our show times on a weekly basis every Wednesday with new timetable serving from Thursday to Wednesday.

Are online and printed show times accurate?

We do make changes to the show times from time to time and hence the printed pocket guide or any other form of printed timetable will not reflect those changes. For accuracy, you may check movie times on our website or at our box office.

How many days before show time can I purchase my ticket?

You may buy your ticket once the program is available online and at the box office

What are the box office timings?

The box office is open from 10:00 am till 15 minutes after the last show starts

Do children have to buy tickets to watch a movie?

Children under the age of 2 get in for free but do not get to have their own seats. They are allowed in the cinemas in movies starting from 7:00 pm and onwards. Movies rating must be observed.

What do movies ratings mean?

Movie ratings are prepared and enforced by the National Media Council and are strictly followed at Al Shaab Cinema. Customers are responsible to adhere to the ratings restrictions. No refunds or tickets exchange are permitted in such cases.

Rating Description
G General audience - suitable for all ages
PG13 Parental Guidance - Under 13 not allowed admission unless accompanied by an individual over 13. Some material may not be suitable for children.
PG15 Parental Guidance - Under 15 not allowed admission unless accompanied by an individual over 15. Some material may not be suitable for children.
15+ Under 15 is not allowed admission
18+ Under 18 is not allowed admission
PG Parental Guidance - Some material may not be suitable for children.

ID is required as a proof of age and access might be denied if the customer is not holding an IDs.

Who do I contact if I have any question?

For any info, you may approach our staff at the box office or alternatively send us an email at

What are the general rules and regulations?

  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in entire cinema premises
  • Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the cinemas
  • Any recording devices are strictly prohibited inside the cinemas
  • The cinema reserves the right to conduct bags checking and to remove any food and beverages as well as recording devices. Those will be kept at our box office for collection after the movie.
  • Al Shaab Cinema strictly adheres to the film rating regulations of the UAE and reserves the right to refuse admission if proof of age is not available Any inappropriate behavior including but not limited to loud chatting, mobile usage in the cinemas during show time and bad mouthing can result in the offender being dispelled from the cinema with no refund.

Online Tickets

Can I buy my tickets online?

You can buy your tickets online from our website only

Do I need to print my ticket?

You can either print your ticket and show it to our ushers or you may proceed to the box office or E-kiosk to print it using the confirmation code sent to you via sms or email according to your selected option.

Can I choose my seat when I book online?

Yes you can. You will be directed to the seating plan once you choose your movie timing and number of tickets. You can point your cursor on the available seats coloured in green and click on them. Your selection will turn to blue and once you are certain about your selection, click on “proceed”. You may not leave single seats vacant while selecting your seats.

How many tickets can I buy online?

You can buy up to 20 tickets in one go. If you need to buy more tickets, you may do so by making a new transaction.

What if I don't collect my tickets or check in into the movie, do I still get charged?

Your tickets are already paid for at the time of online booking and your credit card is charged at the same time. No refunds for no-show.

3D Movies

Do I need to print my ticket?

Not all movies come in 3D. On average, there are around 2-3 movies releases in 3D every month.

What do I need to view 3D movies?

You need to use 3D glasses available at the cinema.

Where do I get my 3D glasses from and are they for free?

You can buy them from the box office or from the ushers at the cinema entrance for AED3/each. You get to keep the glasses or put them in the recycle boxes located by the cinemas exits.

Is it possible to get sick while watching a 3D movie?

Even though it is rare, it is possible to feel nauseous. If this happens to you, you should remove the glasses, close your eyes and rest your head back on the headrest for short while and until you feel better. Should you still feel sick, it is advisable to walk out of the auditorium and inform a cinema staff for help.

What if I cannot see properly in my 3D glasses?

The glasses we provide are of high standard with very low defect rate. However, if you cannot see properly with your 3D glasses on, it is likely that the pair you have is defected. Please alert the usher in the cinema to exchange them for you. If you cannot see an usher, you may go to the box office to exchange them.

Do 3D glasses come in sizes?

Similar to all other cinemas, we offer 2 sizes, one for adults and the other for children. It is up to you to choose which size you prefer.

Can I use my complimentary ticket to watch a 3D movie?

Complimentary tickets cannot be used for 3D movies.