Transformers: The Last Knight

These are dark times in imperial China. Dragons, once the friends and wise allies of men, have been hunted for years and imprisoned in dungeons. In a remote mountain fortress, a slave girl helps the last of the dragons escape and joins him on a passionate mission to recover the most precious treasure: the last dragon egg, stolen by an evil sorcerer who wants to exploit its magical potential to achieve immortality. Pursued by the Emperor's armies, this strange couple ventures on a journey through ancient China in which both will learn to grow - he, from his millenary wisdom and she, from her youthful inexperience - and to trust each other in order to defeat the fearsome sorcerer, and to ensure the survival of the dragon lineage.

  • DirectorJianping Li, Salvador Simó
  • StarringBill Nighy, Mayalinee Griffiths, Anthony Howell, Bill Bailey
  • Running time1 Hrs 39 Mins